Our Mission

Female Artistic & Commercial Entrepreneur Support, Inc. (FACES) is a not-for-profit organization that aims to increase the number of female voices in film, TV, and digital media. It seeks to do so by helping women break into and develop successful careers in those industries. Aspiring female artists and entertainment professionals alike are encouraged to approach their careers like small businesses, using the entrepreneurial skills learned through training and guidance in the form of panel discussions, workshops, scholarships, real-world experience, and personal 24/7 mentorship.

By working to bolster the number of female voices both creatively and professionally in the entertainment business, FACES’ ultimate goals are two-tiered. First, studies have shown that diversity begets diversity. When women are in positions of power in the development and production of a film, the hired cast and crew on said production tend to be more diverse than in similar productions with only men in positions of power.

Therefore, on the more narrow scale of the entertainment industry community, a greater number of women may have the opportunity to contribute creative and/or professional input to various productions.

Subsequently, on a broader scale, FACES hopes that the above-mentioned increase in female influence at all levels of the entertainment industry will lead to the general public’s greater exposure to various female perspectives. This, in turn, will heighten the potential for awareness, empathy, and understanding in regards to gender equality and female empowerment.



Meet Brittany Rostron (the Original FACE)

Brittany Rostron is a true multi-hyphenate in the entertainment industry, clocking ten years of diverse experience in feature film, TV, and digital content. She’s held positions ranging from Line Producer to Location Scout to Script Coordinator on films such as Men in Black III and The Smurfs Movie, TV series such as The Knick and Nurse Jackie, and commercials for clients such as Under Armour and MTV. She also works as a freelance writer, script consultant, and as an adjunct instructor at NYU. In a previous life, she traveled the country with a retired football legend in public relations. She has her BA in Television, Radio, & Film with a dual degree in English from Syracuse University and her MA in Artistic Entrepreneurship from NYU.